Boric Acid

H3BO3 (molecular mass: 61,83)

Expiration dateCASECIndeksHS code
BN-64/6191-112 years10043-35-3233-139-2005-007-00-22810 00 90

REACH: 01-2119486683-25-XXXX

H360FD: May damage fertility. May damage the unborn child
P201: Obtain special instructions before use.
P308+313: If exposed: Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician.

According to transport regulations, this product isn’t classified as hazardous.

pure p.a.purepharmacology
Appearancepowder (crystals) without odour
Colourwhite (colourless)
H3BO3 content [% min]9998,599-101
Substances insoluble in H2O content [% max]0,010,02-
Substances insoluble in C2H5OH content
[% max]
Wg 4.2.30
Iron (Fe3+) content [% max]0,00050,0020,003
Calcium (Ca2+) content [% max]0,0050,01-
Arsenium (As) content [% max]0,00020,00050,001
Heavy metals (Pb2+) content [% max]0,0010,0020,001
Sulphates (SO42-) content [% max]0,0050,010,01
Phosphates (PO43-) content [% max]0,0010,003-
Chlorides (Cl-) content [% max]0,0010,0020,007
Substances flightless with CH3OH content
[% max]
pH of 1% solution--5,0 - 7,0