Barium Sulphate

BaSO4 (molecular mass: 233,4)

Expiration dateCASECIndeksHS code
BN-75/6191-1392 years7727-43-7231-784-4lack2833 27 00

REACH: a registration number is not available as the annual tonnage does not require registration

According to Regulation no 1272/2008 this product isn’t classified as hazardous.

According to transport regulations, this product isn’t classified as hazardous

pure p.a.pure
Appearancepowder insoluble in water and diluted acids
Barium sulphate (BaSO4) content [% min]99,599
Substances insoluble in HCl content [% max]0,150,25
Free acids content (H2SO4) [% max]0,01-
Heavy metals (Pb2+) content [% max]0,0010,003
Iron (Fe3+) content [% max]0,0010,003
Arsenium (As) content [% max]0,0001-
Chlorides (Cl-) content [% max]0,0010,02
Nitrates (NO3-) content [% max]0,0050,01
Phosphates (PO43-) content [% max]0,001-
Total SO42- ions soluble in H2O content
[% max]
Ba2+ salts soluble in H2O content [% max]Wg 5.2.10
Humidity (H2O) content [%]-0,05
pH max-7
Sieve residue 3x5 MSM [%]-95,5
Free alkaliaaccording to 5.2.2-